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Tiny Home Chassis

Our custom made tiny home chassis are designed to make your tiny home dreams come to life. Built to comply with the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2019 and ROVER compliant, the chassis is constructed from the highest quality Duragal RHS and SHS 350 grade steel, meaning you can be sure of superior strength and durability. Available in varying sizes up to 3m wide and 9.5m long, these chassis are road registration ready and can be tailored to your specific size and weight requirements (4.5t maximum). With our tiny home chassis, you can rest assured that your dream tiny home will be built with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

9.5x3.0m tri axle tiny home chassis bay window.jpg
Edge Trailers 9.5 x 3.0m bay windowtiny home chassis.jpg
9.0x3.0m standard tiny home chassis.jpg
The Significance of a Dependable Chassis for Australian Tiny Homes


In the realm of Australian tiny homes, where space is at a premium and mobility is a must, the chassis stands as a cornerstone, providing the essential framework for these compact abodes. While the aesthetics and interior design often steal the limelight, it's crucial not to underestimate the importance of a robust and thoughtfully designed chassis. In this post, we'll delve into why the chassis is a critical element of tiny home construction and what factors to consider when selecting the perfect one.

1. Structural Integrity: Much like a house built on a solid foundation, a tiny home requires a sturdy base to ensure its structural integrity and longevity. The chassis acts as this foundation, bearing the weight of the entire structure and providing stability both on the road and at its destination. A well-built chassis helps prevent issues such as sagging floors, uneven weight distribution, and long-term structural damage.

2. Mobility: One of the defining features of Australian tiny homes is their ability to move with ease. Moving your home to a new spot, is where a reliable chassis is essential for safe and secure transportation. It should be engineered to withstand the rigours of towing or driving, including rough terrain, bumps, and varying road conditions. Additionally, the chassis must comply with relevant transportation regulations to ensure legal compliance and safety during transit.

3. Customisation: Australian tiny homes come in a diverse array of shapes and sizes, each reflecting the unique preferences and needs of its occupants. Similarly, chassis designs can be customised to accommodate different layouts, sizes, and features. Some tiny homes may require a standard trailer chassis, while others may benefit from a bespoke design tailored to support specific design elements or weight distribution. Collaborating with experienced engineers or manufacturers can help ensure that the chassis is optimised to meet the specific requirements of your Australian tiny home.

4. Durability: The Australian climate can be harsh, with scorching summers, heavy rains, and strong winds posing challenges to the longevity of tiny homes. A durable chassis constructed from high-quality materials is essential for withstanding these environmental pressures and prolonging the lifespan of the tiny home. Materials such as galvanised steel and aluminium are used chassis construction, offering varying degrees of strength, corrosion resistance, and durability.

5. Cost-Effectiveness: While it may be tempting to skimp on the chassis to save money upfront, investing in a quality chassis from the outset can ultimately save you money in the long run. A dependable chassis minimises the risk of costly repairs or replacements down the line, as well as potential damage to the rest of the tiny home. Consider the chassis as a wise investment in the safety, durability, and overall value of your Australian tiny home.

In summary, the chassis is an indispensable component of Australian tiny home construction, providing essential support, mobility, customisation options, durability, and cost-effectiveness. By prioritising a dependable chassis, you can ensure that your tiny home is built on a solid foundation, ready to navigate the challenges of transportation and everyday living. Whether you're designing your own Australian tiny home or collaborating with a professional builder, give careful consideration to the selection and construction of the chassis—it's the bedrock of your tiny home's success.

Crafting a Solid Base
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